Moonpear Consulting LLC
  “Improving the customer information experience”
    document management   —   technical writing   information design & access  —   product feature requirements  —  usability



Moonpear Consulting brings 30 years of varied experience in the software field to the problem of making information better for the customers of that information, especially information regarding products, software, tools & infrastructure.   We summarize the essence of our practice as Improving the customer information experience.   


We are obsessed with both the quality & usefulness of information and the best & most efficient ways that users can find & access it, which is why our interest and skills range from technical writing to document management, from user interfaces & usability to software requirements, from getting the most from hyperlinks and search tools to thinking outside the box about how to organize information.  We see the world through a lens of how available and helpful information is, because we (and others) spend so much time every day having to find and use it, simply to be able to go on to do what we want to do.  Finding and effectively using information is rarely the end goal of most of our daily activity, just a needed step on the way to doing what we really want to do.


Our overarching goal is to provide an information experience—whether it be in the clarity and completeness of the written material itself, the organization of the material in a document or on a web page, or the tools used to find and display that information—that is as successful, satisfying, smooth, and efficient as possible.  We often express that goal as seeking a Q factor of zero which simply means that we want an information product or experience to be such that the customer has no follow-up questions about the information or how to get it, and has wasted no time in locating it or absorbing it—what is provided was easy to find, and has done the job, efficiently.  This goal is rarely reached, but it is helpful to keep in mind as we practice a process of continuous improvement in the production of information that really meets peoples needs.


We typically work in organizational environments on parts of larger projects, but our skills can be used at any level, even that of improving a single document to be more effective for its audience. And with the central role that the Web plays in our daily lives now, any person using the web is a user of software and a customer of information about products & software, so there are many people, organizations and companies who we can help, in a variety of ways.


Want to talk?    Contact Timothy Gill in Maplewood, NJ.